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3 Pillars

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Have you ever looked into a mirror and asked yourself, "What in heck happened?" "What in the hell am I doing?" 3 Pillars is a way to answer those and other questions about yourself. It is a very simple guide about "how to change yourself". To become the person you have always wanted to be. It is everything you want it to be. It can be a philosophy, a diet for the soul, a political manifesto, a way of life and or a social conscious. 3 Pillars is all that or nothing more than a simple tool to make life a little easier. The great thing about 3 Pillars is that it is based on just you. What you put into is what you will get out.

The Pill Book Guide To Medication For Your Dog And Cat

RRP $15.99

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How much do you know about keeping your dog or cat healthy?

Did you know that the same aspirin that can safely relieve a dog's fever can be fatal to a cat?

What conditions may respond better to alternative therapies than standard prescription medications?

Under what circumstances can common over-the-counter medications be hazardous to your pet's health?

Do you know what hazardous household products are poisonous to your cat or dog?

How do certain drugs interact with other drugs or with your pet's normal diet?

This one-of-a-kind guide provides you with important information about the most commonly prescribed and over-the-counter drugs for cats and dogs, plus the latest information on grounbreaking alternative therapies that will keep your pet healthy and happy. From common antibiotics and powerful drugs prescribed for more serious ailments to recent medications such as the "flea-pill," here are the facts you need to know. Each drug is extensively profiled for effectiveness, safety, proper dosages, possible side effects, allergic reactions, toxicity, and much more. You'll also receive expert advice on the following:

How to choose a veterinarian
A description of common dog and cat diseases and their treatments
The pros and cons of using human drugs such as Prozac and Elavil
How particular medications may effect your pet's behavior
How to perform a physical exam at home to assess your pet's general health
PLUS a guide to preventive care, an index of symptoms, a quick reference first-aid guide, and much more.

The Little Book Of Diet Help

RRP $29.99

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The ultimate handbag-sized diet bible for women.

The truth is, diets don't work - or, at least, they don't last. When we diet, we're so consumed by what we can't eat that we don't focus on the way we eat or how eating makes us feel. Kimberley Willis knows that the only way to maintain long-term weight loss is to make fundamental changes to the way we think about and relate to food.

In The Little Book of Diet Help she focuses on you, rather than the food, to help you beat cravings and take control of your eating habits. Whether it's remembering key slogans ('a glass of wine is the same as a glass of pasta'), trying new distraction techniques (rubbing your finger between your nose and your top lip when cravings hit) or taking the time to chew and taste each mouthful you eat, you will find strategies and coping methods that really work for you.

This pocket-sized guide is all you need to lose weight and create a happier, healthier relationship with food.

About The Author

Kimberly Willis is a successful weight-loss specialist who runs courses and works with individual clients to help them lose weight. She is a hypnotherapist, EFT and NLP practitioner whose techniques help her clients to become naturally slimmer, healthier and happier with their bodies. Visit her website at

From Pillar To Post

RRP $17.99

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"I cannot imagine a more disagreeable way of qualifying for the income tax," said one of America's most noted after-dinner speakers to me when at a chance meeting he and I were discussing the joys and woes of the lecture platform. I must admit that in a way I sympathized with him; for I knew something of the sufferings endured for days and nights prior to one's own public appearance as an after-dinner or platform speaker. There was a time many years ago, upon which I look back with wonder that I ever came through it without nervous prostration, when I suffered those selfsame mental agonies as the hour approached for the fulfilment of one of those rash promises which men fond of the sound of their own voices make months in advance to those subtle flatterers who would lure them from the easy solitudes of silence into the uneasy limelight of after-dinner oratory. Not without reason has a certain wit, whose name is unfortunately lost to fame, referred to the chairs behind the guest table on the raised platform at revelries of this nature as "The Seats of the Mighty and Miserable." These sufferings involve a loss of appetite for days in advance of the event; a complete derangement of the nervous system, with no chance of recovery for at least ten days preceding the emergent hour, since sleep either refuses to come to one's relief altogether, or coming brings in its train a species of nerve-racking dream which leaves the last estate of the weary slumberer worse than the first. The complication is far more difficult to handle than that involved in the maturity of a promissory note which one is unable to meet; for there are conditions under which a tender-hearted creditor will permit a renewal of the latter sort of obligation, and this thought provides some sort of rift in the cloud of a debtor's despair.


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Diet Pill Lose Weight Weight Supplements Hoodia Diet
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Diet Pill Lose Weight Weight Supplements Hoodia Diet
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